- THE BMS OF FIGHTERS eXtreme Violence -
2019/03/15 サイト公開


"THE BMS OF FIGHTERS eXtreme Violence" ("BOFXV") is a BMS event competed by teams. It is the 15th event of the BOF series, such as "THE BMS OF FIGHTERS," "THE BMS OF FIGHTERS ULTIMATE," and "GO BACK 2 YOUR ROOTS".
This event is based on G2R2018, except team rules, which is based on BOFU 2017. Corps system is abolished because it was the limited rule in G2R2018. We will start preparing in April but before that, we would like to announce the rule changes that are already determined. Other changes will be written on this page as soon as they are fixed.

Team rules

Team rules will be based on BOFU2017. They are written in the following.

In this event, the person responsible for slicing keysounds / creating the music data, and producing at least one chart is considered a BMS producer. People who do not correspond to these requirements (composer, arranger, BGA creator, vocal staff, etc) are all considered support staff.
Please fill in every person involved in the team as members. At least 2 members are required. (※1)
All people involved with the BMS production, such as BGA(BGI) creator, vocalist, performance assistant, chart creator, etc. must be listed as members.
The members of a team can be changed after registering, but there is a possibility of disqualification if the entered members and actual members are too far apart.
In addition, it is prohibited to be leaders of several teams. (※2)

You must declare the number of songs your team in advance and make sure to submit the declared number of songs.The number you may pick is 2 to 4 songs per team. Declaring 1 song or more than 4 songs is not allowed.
You may change the number of songs between 2 to 4 up until 1 week before the registration period. If a team does not submit the number of songs declared, then that team will not be counted for in the Team Total Score and Team Median rankings.

We prohibit a single team to register more than one theme.

※1) Pseudonyms and self-made performances do not count towards the number of people.
※2) A team leader may not be a leader for other teams, however, he/she can be a member of several teams.

Appeal rules

Staring this year, appeal rules are modified.

  • If you produce your song for the event, it is prohibited to make your song publicly available as music media (e.g., mp3) and/or movie media (e.g., MPEG) on Websites until one (1) month before the event starts.
  • If you use your existing song for the event, it is prohibited to announce that you will be participating in the event until one (1) month before the event starts.
  • In both cases, it is prohibited to make charts publicly available before our public release. (e.g., play movie)
  • If you do not follow these rules, you will be disqualified for this event.

    Prohibition for all participants

    Starting this year, one item is added/changed to the prohibition for all participants.

  • Creating an entry or an impression intended to slander, harass or abuse a particular person
  • Giving money and/or goods to players and/or producers as compensation of impressions, regardless of the amount and/or type of goods.
  • Threatening, extortion and obsessive acts against a specific person (unless permission is granted by the person in advance)
  • Other things that we (the committee) deem wrong or inappropriate (special case)

  • If you do not follow these rules, you will be disqualified for this event.

    Impression rules

    Starting this year, impression rules are changed. The following actions are considered as violating the rules.

    1. Impressions or votes to your own entry
    2. Impressions or votes to your team members' entries
    3. Impressions with no relevancy to the entry, or including the factor that the author does not want to be evaluated
    4. Impressions where the author or the team members is the point of evaluation (e.g., your feelings against the author)
    5. Impressions without playing the bms(on). (e.g., only listening to the song, only watching the video)
    6. Impressions with the purpose of receiving money/goods
    7. Vandalizing the venue
    8. Impressions sent via anonymous proxies
    9. Advertisements and spam
    10. Other impressions that we (the committee) deem wrong or inappropriate

    For your information, we (the committee) solely decides whether the impressions are violating the rules and will be deleted. If you use VPN connections, the possibility of the deletion of your impressions will increase.

    Volunteer offer

    We are recruiting volunteer staffs for BOFXV!

    We are looking for people who can do the following:

    • See things from a neutral point of view
    • Able to interpret and translate English, Korean, Chinese, and other languages
    • Patrol the BMS event venue

    If you are interested, please contact us via DM to our official account or email, which is located on the footer of this page!